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  Appearing From Future's Past To Deliver Messages For:
 "HOPE, HEALTH  & HEALING" ...And So It Is!

    I SEE YOU!

Below are recommended cost effective Health, Educational, Entertainment and Business opportunies for those wishing to work smarter....not harder with others interested in seeing you 'grow'.

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Esoteric Alchemy - Transformation of Self

Healing A Broken Heart

Awakening Signs

The Mind

Help Bring A Factual Fiction Film To Reality with
the Building of "Twin Cities In The Sea"
(The film "Fourth Dimension" projects Seasteads [homes on the sea] as characters residence). 

  • AURO Immortality (AI) in international waters 22 km East of Pondicherry, India in the Bay of  Bengal and
  • AURO Galaxy (AG) in international waters 22 km West of Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean.

 "Fourth Dimension" the film is taken
from the screenplay adaptation of
Sri Aurobindo's epic poem in English...SAVITRI

Sri Aurobindo believed and envisioned the emergence of one world through 'Human Unity' in place of the many warring nationalisms.  This would result in a "new step" in the evolution, by uplifting the consciousness to a higher level that would bring solutions to many of the problems in existence which have perplexed and vexed humanity since men began to think and to dream of individual perfection and a perfect society.”

Could Floating Nations help Solve
political problems without fighting?

Shiva Vangara, founder of Transcendental Pictures, has 30 years of spiritual background and 20 years of practical experience in the film industry in India. He is the Director of the film.  Shiva is also the founder of  non-profit organization, Golden Change Foundation, Inc., Pondicherry, India. 

                                     UPDATE :
Shiva Vangara transitioned in 2016 from issues stemming from his health; however, his vision lives on!

General Inquiries / Press: 
[email protected]

The MOTHER...on Sri Aurobindo 

What Sri Aurobindo represents In the histroy of the earth spiritual progress Is not a teaching, Not even the revealation,
It is the mighty action straight from the Supreme.

In the eternity of becoming each Avatar(God-Incarnation) is only the announcer, the forerunner, of tomorrows future realization and yet men have always the tendency to defy the Avatar of the past in Opposition to the Avatar of the future.

Now again Sri aurobindo has come announcing to the world the realization of tomorrow and again his message meets the same opposition as of all those who preceded him ,
But tomorrow will prove the truth of what he revealed and
his work will be done.
...Today is tomorrow and like Sri Aurobindo, as many other forerunners before him, including "Jesus" another risen and awakened soul..... the "Source Messenger" aka "Goddess Tehuti" aka "Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom - aka "Teresa, Goddess of love - aka Terry L. Hester..... likewise are
reincarnated God souls,  awakened to bring messages of "Hope, Health and Healing" to the world, at such a time as this and.... 'So It Is!

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