"The Source Messenger"

  Appearing From Future's Past To Deliver Messages For:
 "HOPE, HEALTH  & HEALING" ...And So It Is!

    I SEE YOU!



To Universally Awakened Souls, incarnating is for the purpose of helping souls who are not yet awakened.  To assist in that awakening, (knowing that only a few are ready for total awakening), the seeds for the blossoming of awakening can be planted in the soil of the mind to come into fruition in some future incarnation....   Dr. Paul Leon Masters’ - Founder of University of Metaphysics. Sedona, AZ.

 Dr. Paul Leon Masters

 ...... I thought it was all a dream, an impossible one.. ..for how could one person who had lost everything.. .. husband, home, vehicles, inner/outer peace, family, friends,  businesses and yes, even at imes her very sanity!.. .. Just 'how' could one go on to physically and mentally heal Individuals, Communities, Nations, solve mankind's enigma's.. ..while bringing diverse cultures together to forge bonds of peace by becoming ....ONE from WITHIN??

Source:  place,  person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.
Messenger:  a person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages.

Dr. Terry L. Hester is a natural innate intuitive with abilities to 'see' the invisible and repair/heal Aura's on a mystical level.  Her conscience spiritual transition began in 1999, unaware that her journey of 'awakening' would continue for decades.  Learning who she is, why she is and what her earthly mission is, would become an all consuming life- journey.  Discovering how to 'let go' of what she saw physically while learning to Trust in the things seen only in realms of the ether, would be a mission that guides and directs her toward paths and planes to find relief for her unquenchable thirst for Wisdom, Truth and Justice.

In efforts to discover and understand herself... Dr. Hester was able to trace her family roots as far back as 1835 with the discovery of her great, great, grandfather who resided in North Carolina, USA.

After discovering which USA sea port her enslaved forefathers was brought into, she was further exposed to other methods which allowed her to 'reverse engineer' data, using certain in-born natural "charater traits" which further assisted her to connect and understand who she was and is as well as reveal her true destiny while on her present earth's mission.  Her assignment was one in which she unconsiously was unaware of, at first.  However; as she advanced along her journey, she discovered that she had previously agreed, accepted and carried out other purposed time-frame missions during centuries of reincarnating.
Eons ago lived 'be-ings' who once were aware of the existence of knowledge which enabled them to transcend effortlessly from Sprirt form to the physical...(thus the true term of the word..('Hu-man-Be-ing').  

Select chosen ones had natural abilities to 'co-create'  with the Creator.  However, this was thought to be done by magic.... (Or 'Magi', thus the tale of many fables)....and since the beginning of what most know as 'time'...its secrets and powers has been sort after, purposely misused and hidden from the masses....until now! 

In India and in other spiritual cultures, as an awakened and transcended soul, Dr. Hester is also the transitioned entity known as Tehuti , an ancient rebirth ancestral deity, whose noble roots stems from Egypt.  It is legend that she holds the secret/meaning to what lies beyond and within the outer/inner structures of the Pyramids and answers to other long held enigmas which can free mankind from its current state of affairs.  That rare gift of quickly assessing and getting to 'root' causes to change 'effects', is in itself an undeniable 'mark' of true legendary deity's who were at one time....referenced to as, "Gods and Goddesses!

Known Universally as The Source Messenger ...her abilities to 'hear' and 'follow'....comes from years of deep meditational practice and conscience efforts to still the mind to reveal her purpose and mission during this current and particular time period in humanity's history.  

Dr. Terry is gifted with transforming & manifesting dreams, visions, thoughts and ideas.  Her gifts has also been utilized in the business/political/ world sector to position people, places and things for future successes.  She is the visionary and 'thrust' behind her  Unity-N-Community 'at will' organization.

 Dr. Terry L. Hester

B.Msc Degree


Ordained Min.


Long before Dr. Terry knew anything about 'Metaphysics'....she already was a practitioner of it!  She was simply unaware of that fact while growing up.  As a "Student of Life" and on  her continued journey of self-discovery, she currently attends the University of Metaphysics.     

She is also:
  *   An Ordained Metaphysical Minister, able to perform all rites of services.  
  *   A Metaphysical Practitioner.
  *   Practitioner of 'absent healing' via specific 'music therapy'
  *   Able to connect one's subjective mind to the unconscious mind.
  *   Natural Healer and Spiritual enlightener.
  *   Holistic Advocate and Social Reformer.
  *   Reverse negative thinking to enable positive, forward physcial and mental  ascensions.
  *    ....and 'much more'!

A Certified Law Of Attraction Basic Practitioner

President: Dr. Joe Vitale
Global Sciences Foundation
A star in the hit movie "The Secret,"
bestselling author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits,
television guest star on Larry King Live and CNN, ABC, FOX, etc.



With many dynamic changes in today's diverse arena's, consciously aware 'thought leaders' are greatly needed for the new shift that has now dawned upon us.   In order to re-build and strengthen 'external' business, economic and family structures... identifing and developing 'internal' mental structures are required prerequisites.  Therefore; currently, Dr. Terry, the 'Source Messenger' seeks to 'attract' core bodies of natural born/led "Practitioners of Metaphysics".... to assist in raising current vibrational 'thought patterns' worldwide so that new ones can be adhered to.!              

Dr. Terry was accepted to apprentice with world class mental toughness Coach  Steve Siebold  , (apprentices earn $10,000 per each speaking engagement). However, her current and first obligations are associated with the 'internal' first, which includes her international humanitarian/Spiritual projects. That priority prevented her from accepting the offer. 

However;  currently emerging  as Tehuti....(The Source Messenger), she will be sharing some of those secrets with new and emerging Metaphysical 'thought leaders'.

Her purposeful intent is to...
"Change YOUR mind, so that the rest will follow"!